Things you should take with you when you go camping



Going camping can be a both relaxing and fun activity for your entire family, especially if you have kids. Also, according to experts, it can be considered a non-formal educational activity, which can help children spend some time in the middle of nature. But, before going camping there are some things that you should take into consideration. And one of the most important aspects is related to your luggage. Due to the fact that you would probably have to take a backpack with you, it would be difficult to put there a lot of things inside. This is the reason why, we have made you a list with the most important stuff that you have to include in your camping luggage. Here they are.


An electric bug zapper

Why is this thing so important? Well, if you choose to spend your time in a place with a lot of insects such as somewhere close to the lake or in the middle of the forest, you should know that insects like mosquitos, bugs or even flies can be really annoying. They can get inside your tent, they can leave some marks on your skin and they can touch your food – which is not so hygienic.

And when it comes to choosing an electric bug zapper, you should look for a versatile type which comes with several features. For example, a very important aspect is related to its coverage area, which should be large enough as to offer you protection. And this is even more important when you want to go camping with friends and you have more than one tent. Despite the coverage area, also a very important part is played by the battery. Very popular lately are those types which include a Li-On battery which can prove user friendly. You only have to charge it as a regular laptop battery. And if you do not where you can find the suitable insect zapper for you, you should look for

Last but not least, if you think that an electric bug zapper is not such a smart investment because you do not know what to do with it when the camping period is over, you should think about putting it in your garden or backyard as to offer you protection against insects. Just think about those hot summer days when you want to spend some time outside and when insects can prove very annoying. Not to mention that when you suffer from allergies, an electric bug zapper is a high priority.

A quality tent

The tent is by far the most import when it comes to going camping. And this is the reason why you should look only for quality products. And do not worry because you do not have to repeat the investment very often. You only buy the tent once and then, you can use it for a long period.

More than one lantern

Why do you have to invest in more lanterns? This happens because it can be really dark outside and it can prove very difficult to handle it. This is the reason why each member of your family should have his own lantern.

Blankets and all the necessary

Even if you go camping during summer, it can be chill over the night. Therefore, it is important to invest in all the necessary stuff for lighting the fire. And remember, blankets are important too.