Tips from a pro darter – what darts are perfect for you



If you recently discovered that you are passionate about darts, then you may probably played it until now only in bars. But it is the time to buy your own set, and to improve your skills in the comfort of your house. There is not long until people get hooked by the game, because after they play it for a few times, they consider it a great way to have fun together with family and friends and they want to have their own set of darts. In the majority of cases people choose one of two options. Some of them choose a set that looks cool, and that is made by a brand everyone knows. Others prefer to invest in a set they have seen at a player they admire. It does not matter what you prefer, both variants are great for a beginner. But, if you want a pro’s advice, then you should read this article because we are going to offer you some tips.

How do you hold your dart?

This is one of the factors that should influence your decision. You may hold the dart as you hold a pencil, because this is the position preferred by the majority of beginners. The next time you play the game you should check for yourself. In case you hold the dart from its front, then you should buy a front-weighed dart. In case you hold it from the back of the barrel, then you should buy a rear weighted ones. If you hold it from the middle, then you should buy an evenly weighted one. If you ask yourself how to choose a Brand Dartboard then you should think which one of them helps you fix your target better.

What style do you prefer?

When it comes to the styles of playing darts there are many. Some people prefer to play it smooth and they opt for no knurl. There are also players who prefer to have darts with a rough or sharp edge. It all depends on your preference, you should try multiple sets, and decide which one of them is the perfect one for you. Also, you should know that in time you may change your preferences, and this means that you will want to buy a different set, so you should not purchase an expensive one at the beginning.

Which dart weight do you prefer?

The majority of people do not pay too much attention to the weight of the dart, but it is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the right set. The majority of players buy darts that range between 16 gram and 20 gram. But it does not mean that this is the limit, you can also find on the market darts that are 8.8 gram. What you should know from the beginning is that you will constantly learn new things when you play this game, and in time your preferences may change. You should buy what you feel comfortable to use now.