Tricks to save money when decorating your new condo


So you have decided that it is the time for you to move from your parents’ house, and because you do not afford buying a new house, you have decided to invest in a condo. Well, you should know from the beginning that a condo is a great choice, because you would not find hard to care and maintain it, and it would slowly become your oasis of peace. But when looking at the prices, you would notice that it is not cheap to buy, furnish and decorate a condo, because in some of the cases, the decorating items cost as much as the property did. So, you have to have a plan, when you purchase a new home for you, because you have to be sure that you would have enough money to furnish your house, and not move into an empty space. One option would be to apply for a new condo HST rebate, because it would allow you get back a large part of the sum you have paid for the property.

What should I know about the HST rebate?

The first thing you have to know is that when you apply for it, you are able to obtain up to $30.000, according to the value of your property. You are able to get this rebate if you buy a new condo, and you apply for the rebate in the first 2 years from the purchase. It is advisable to get help, when you decide to get involved in this process, because an expert would be able to obtain you the best rebate for your house. They have the experience, expertise and knowledge to offer you support, so if you want to be sure that you get the maximum sum back, then you should not think twice before hiring them.

Consider second hand furniture

New furniture can be quite expensive, even if you have to furnish a small place as an apartment. So, you have to do your best to find a cheaper alternative, and what other better one would be than buying the furniture from a second hand shop. You have the possibility to find used furniture both in local and online ones, so do a thorough research before deciding upon certain items. You should compare prices, for the same items, because it is considered that online stores list their products at lower prices. But make sure to have in view the shipping fees.

Craft some of the decorations

Decorating a house does not imply only buying furniture items. You also have to decorate the condo with some accessories, but they tend to be expensive, and you do not afford to pay more money on them. So you should view some online tutorials and see what decorations you can craft by yourself. For example, you can draw by your own some of the paintings, or in case you like canvases, you can print some on paper of the size you want. Check online and see what other ideas you can find.