Unique ideas to create unforgettable events


Weddings, birthday parties, family events, all make great occasions to show off your planning talents and ideas. Because these events are part of your life and you go through them several times, when you decide to impress guests you really have to fulfil that goal. Even though most of you might think that impressing guests is complicated and expensive, with the right help, in this case http://www.tabethastouch.co.uk, you might be in for a surprise. It’s true! This time, you really have a chance at impressing guests and making them feel that they are part of a unique, different event. Here are three ideas you could put into practice and change the way a traditional event is perceived.

Lovely gift bags

Weddings, Christmas, Easter and birthday parties have something in common and that would be gifts. In weddings, these gifts are known as wedding favours and their main purpose is to remind guests of your love story. Whatever you decide to offer as presents, keep in mind that the first thing they will be seeing is the small gift bag. You could invest in them and create unique designs, to really catch the attention of your guests and make them understand that your event, whatever this might be is completely different from what they might have experienced in the past. Lovely gift bags are always an amazing touch and they carry a lot in terms of results.

Involving guests in your event

This is a rather new idea and not everyone is opened to this idea.  When planning a future event, you should be very careful about the activities you consider putting into practice. It is very important to keep your guests busy. Make them feel as if they were part of the event, playing an active role in the organization and development of the party. Of course, you won’t be asking them to carry the drinks or bring the food, but you could involve some of your closest family members in the actual decorating procedures, taking place before the event. Also, you could play different games, group people that do not know each other to make them communicate and so on. The more activities you have on your list, the better.

Making fun pictures

There is no event without a professional photographer. You need such an expert and it is wise to invest in his or her services. But instead if the traditional services, you might want to think of a few cool themes you could put into practice. For instance, create the 20s themes. Make a corner where guests could be photographed by an expert and seem as if they went back in time. Or create the barn event. If you have an outdoor wedding, decorate a place where photos can be taken and this reminds everyone of life in the countryside.