Unrealistic high offers are the first sign of cash for house scam. What are the others signs?



When deciding to sell your house, there are many precautions one should take. Not all buyers are worthy and reliable, and some of the times, they will ultimately leave you disappointed and with a large hole in your budget. Because of this, many are in a delicate position when deciding to collaborate with a professional house buyer. Many quick house sale scams have been reported over the years, thus people don’t know who to trust and not. However, worth to note is that not all cash for house agencies are frauds, but still it is necessary to be able to discern between them. Below we have some clues that you are dealing with an unworthy agency.

1. You receive a suspiciously high offer for your property

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This is the first sign of a not trusty direct house buy agency. Their strategy is quite simple, in fact. They offer a high price for your property, you will accept their offer, and later on the same day, they will give you a call and inform you that they are not able anymore to pay an entire price. Then, they will propose a smaller amount for your property, which is accepted by many. It is somehow understandable why many tend to accept smaller offers. Many are put in a delicate situation when the agency proceeds this way, and they feel pressured into accepting less money, even if their property might worth slightly more. Offering a little bit more than their competition is another strategy unreliable agencies apply, even if the property is worth much more. Pay attention to these strategies, and if your collaborator seems to be working by these rules, refuse their offer.

2.  Research if the company has the financial means to purchase your house

Saying that a company will offer you cash instantly for purchasing your property has many implications. First, this means that they have to have a generous capital in order to buy your house with cash, instantly. There are only a few agencies that are really able to do so, the vast majority completely lacking the funds. Take notice of the fact that legit instant property buyers have a larger interval in which they will purchase your property. They must first make sure they have the resources, and only after that, they will make you an offer. Asking for proof that the agency has the means for buying your property is also advisable and recommended. If you want to read more about the cash for house sale scams, there are plenty of useful resources out there, too.

3. Search for agencies with a generous portfolio

A great indicator of a worthy agency is their portfolio. Generally, people work with a certain agency only if a friend or relative recommend one. A large portfolio is the proof of many recommendations, which is a good indicator of a reliable agency.