Upgrading to a better commercial building without paying taxes – is it possible?


Real estate investors sometimes have difficulties in expanding their business and acquiring new commercial properties due to the incredibly high taxes one has to pay during a property selling process. Well, if you did not know by now, there is a way you can upgrade to a new building while escaping taxes and it is called the 1031 exchange program. This method has been used for some time now by an impressive number of real estate investors, and the benefits are ones that cannot be neglected. Here are the things 1031 exchanges can do for you:

Growing your holdings

In the real estate industry, in order to achieve a higher level of success, buying and selling properties is essential. However, replacing a building with another means you will be losing quite a significant amount of money in the process, so finding a loophole is something that you probably desire. With this program at your disposal, you are making the government your business partner, and can manage growing your holdings without any taxes being involved. All you have to do is find someone who is interested in a property swap, meet the government’s requirements and handle the process successfully with the help of a third party. Once you discover how easy it can be to defer taxes in this domain, you will be glad you have chosen this property exchange program.

Increasing cash flow and reinvesting

By differing taxes you will gain the opportunity to increase cash flow, which means reinvesting will be made extremely easy. With increase purchasing power, growing your business can become a fast and easy process, which is certainly a plus for all real estate investors. Once you research the topic thoroughly and understand exactly what property swaps involve, and how many advantages they can bring, you will desire to make the next move.

Wealth building tool

This program is an excellent wealth building tool, allowing you as a property investor to benefit from a net flow increase, if you take advantage of this investment opportunity throughout your entire career. Discussing with someone who has been swapping properties for a long time will allow you to understand how the process works, and how well it can benefit your business both short term and long term. Because you can exchange into numerous properties along your life, at the end of your career, the accumulation of assets will be a considerable one, larger than you could have achieved through traditional building purchases.
As you can see, replacing your current commercial property with a better alternative is possible, without the need to pay any taxes. With the 1031 exchange program, you can develop your real estate business even further, without losing money due to property selling or buying. Now that you know more about this type of real estate program, perhaps you will give this topic more of your thought. Keep in mind that you will need an experienced intermediary to make the process as inconvenience-free as possible.