Use your outside kitchen as a wedding reception


Whether you have been in this business for a few years or you feel that event planning might be something that you are good at and you want to start a wedding planning career, there are a few things you can do to become better at this job and be certain that you can fulfil the wishes of your clients and really organise wonderful events:


Always take new classes

This is one field where there is always something that you can learn in order to make each event perfect. As a wedding planner you will have to know something from everything to be able to handle anything that might come in your way. Whether you need to change the flower arrangements or the bride’s dress tears up in one place and you need to sew it back together before the ceremony, there will always be an unexpected situation that you need to handle and the more skills you have the better.

Make contacts with various suppliers

The clients will always ask you to recommend anything from flower suppliers, dress shops and anything else they might need. You should even have a grosgrain ribbon wholesale supplier on speed dial, so that whenever a bride wants to decorate her wedding using ribbons, you know exactly a trustworthy supplier and thus manage to give her the wedding of her dreams. Needless to say that you should know several caterers and bakers, in case the bride and groom have trouble deciding on a menu.


Write everything down

You think you will be able to remember everything you discuss with your clients, but when you will be talking with three suppliers at the same time, certain details might slip your mind if they aren’t written down anywhere. This is why always carry an agenda with you and always write everything down. You probably already are a very organised person, but this is a mistake that even experienced wedding planners tend to make at some point in their career, thinking that they have everything under control. The clients expect to receive everything they have asked for and it will be very unprofessional from your part not to offer them something because you forgot!


Always be ready to offer advice but never impose your preferences

The bride will always ask you a lot of questions and you should be able to offer her useful advice. However, at some point you may meet a person with completely different tastes than your own and when that moment comes, you should respect their wishes and not try to impose your own personal preferences.