Victorian home: add a modern twist to your interior décor



A Victorian house immediately stands out due to its large windows, good proportions and original features like tiles and fireplaces. Well, it can also draw attention because of its ancient antiquity affecting roofing and wiring, which means that initiating a remodeling project represents the only solution to revive such a character-infused home. The truth is that, knowing the condition of your property, you prepared for this inevitable project years ago so you benefit from quite a generous budget for all the improvements that you are going to make. The main problem however lies in the type of décor that you should achieve. Even though you adore the Victorian style, you admit without hesitation that it seems a bit dark and outdated. As a result, you want to inject more light and actuality into the interiors of your home, thus creating a perfect balance between the Old and the New. Whether we are talking about the hallway, living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, you want all the areas to exude a modern feel, but still remind of that Victorian era.

Select and arrange furniture pieces carefully

You cannot enter a Victorian house without instantly noticing velvet and fringe everywhere. The motto “less is more” did not actually apply for the interior designers of that period because almost all pieces contained excessive tufting, pleating or fringing. Obviously, nowadays, even if you own such a home, you do not have to observe these design rules, especially if you do not like fringe. On the contrary, exploring gallery furniture – sgmatta in search of contemporary pieces might prove to be a success. When arranging the furniture, you still want to highlight the biggest qualities of your Victorian house while adding novelty and extra comfort. More specifically, the main objective is not filling in the empty space after removing the old furniture from your interiors but placing the pieces of furniture so that you achieve an airy, inviting space so that you can enjoy a cup of tea while socializing with your guests next to your imposing fireplace, which can easily become the focal point of the room.

Keep it simple, but do not hesitate to create contrast

Since you want to add a modern twist to your interior décor, you should remain reserved in what concerns accessories. In this case, the motto “more is more” does not apply meaning that you have to keep it simple. Of course, you can add a few striking paintings or other forms or art to different areas of the house, but nothing colorful or blinding. You can also put fresh natural flowers in the center of the table every morning for a sweet smell. Just make sure that you do not place anything in front of the widows because it will impede natural light from entering throughout the day. Even though simplicity represents the main factor that you must keep in mind during this important project, you can still create contrast by picking the perfect accent colors. Remember that details make the difference.