What details you shouldn’t forget when you organize your wedding


Organizing your own wedding is one of the most challenging projects from your life and this is why you should be very careful. Even if you feel that you made everything perfectly, you should check this twice because there are so many things and you can forget about something only because you were very busy. Take your time and make a big list with everything you need because it will help you become more organized. Don’t forget that you need to pay attention to little details too because people will notice them immediately. For example, you should never forget about the favours and decorations on the table because they are very important for any guest. If you don’t have a large budget, you can use some cheap organza bags because they are so romantic and diaphanous at the same time. It is your own choice how you will decorate the tables, but don’t forget they should look amazing.

Save money while making the favours yourself

If you don’t want to spend money on little things that can be very expensive, you should know that many couples choose to make themselves the decorations or favours. It is not very difficult and if you ask some of your friends to help you with that, you will see that everything will be easier. For example, you can simply buy some organza bags and decide what you want to put there as favours. You can use candies or any type of little sweets because they look very nice. You can also use some flower petals or scented candles if you want to be different and mysterious. Don’t forget that it is very important to order the organza bags on the same colour as the rest of the wedding because you should respect the theme that you chose.

Other things that you shouldn’t forget

The flowers are very special at a wedding party and ceremony because they can transform a simple room into an amazing one, considering the fact that they look so beautiful and gentle. If your wedding colour is purple, you can use lavender for example, or if the colour theme is red, you should choose some red flowers like roses or poppies. You should put them in some special jars if you like vintage designs. You must tie them with some ribbons and the tables will look fantastic. The lights are also very important because they can make your wedding look like a fairy-tale one. The music should be good and don’t forget that the cake must be very beautiful and tasty at the same time.