What should you know about 1031 exchanges?


The real estate market offers many opportunities for investors, but as you may know by now, acquiring new commercial buildings, and thus increasing your incomes and profits involves the payment of taxes. When selling a property in order to replace it with another option, perhaps an upgraded building, the amount that goes on taxes is certainly not one to neglect. However, there is a solution all real estate investors have the possibility to opt for and that is real estate 1031 exchanges. This is a program that has become extremely popular over the last few years in this domain, and you should give it some thought yourself. Here are the most important things you should know about property swaps:

Deferring taxes

The main thing that this type of program can do for you is allow you to defer taxes. If you have a small rental building and you wish to upgrade it to a more modern and spacious alternative, the process of selling and purchasing a new property means you will have to pay the government quite a large range of taxes. Well, by partaking in this program, paying taxes will no longer be a concern for you. This will allow you to save quite a large amount of money, money you can use to reinvest and thus increase your profits and income. From a financial point of view, this is certainly an opportunity worth your consideration.


Perhaps you are not interested in obtaining a new type of commercial property for monetary reasons, but you simply desire to diversify your professional activity, and switch to a different commercial building. Well, with the 1031 program, you can manage doing that, without having any financial concerns. Because you will not be forced to pay any taxes for your property replacement, you can diversify your professional activity exactly the way you please.

Management relief

Another great aspect about property swaps is that you are allowed to choose your own contractual agreements, as long as the other party involved accepts your requirements. This means you can benefit from management relief, if that is what you want. If your current commercial building involves a long list of maintenance tasks, which take a lot of your time, you can exchange it with a property that involves less responsibility. The money and time you have been putting into maintenance can be significantly lowered if you choose the right property swap option. This aspect is extremely appealing for numerous real estate investors.
As you can see, 1031 exchanges are a great opportunity for real estate investors to increase their gains, and avoid dealing with taxes. If the topic has caught your interest, and you desire to take advantage of the opportunities provided by property swaps, you can start researching to find out what the government’s requirements are, and what other aspects the process involves. Also, after finding someone to swap your property with, you will also need a third party to supervise the entire process for you, so search for the best option.