What’s the right University accommodation for you?


For many students, choosing your student accommodation is choosing your first home away from home. Here’s a few examples of university accommodation and some tips to help work out which type of accommodation fits you best.

On campus accommodation is the most obvious choice for a lot of freshers, as it offers a convenient hub to live and study close to the university that’s going to dominate your time. It also means you’ll be surrounded by lots of students in a similar situation to you, rather than scattered around a anonymous and perhaps intimidating town. There are still different types of accommodation across most campuses to consider though. Open days will always have an accommodation tour on offer to help give prospective students an overview of what accommodation the university has to offer. They may not always show all the type of housing that is to offer so make sure to do further research online or in prospectuses.

University of Huddersfield accommodation is based both on and off campus in large complexes that offer large social spaces and modern, spacious rooms. This type of private accommodation can be especially useful if moving to a university town or city with limited on campus accommodation. Housing with a private landlord is a necessity for most students after their first year. If this is the case for you, make sure to have something organised earlier rather than later during the first year of university, as often there will not be much choice once it comes round to the last months of summer. Student unions can often help students wishing to find either types of these private accommodations.

No matter what type of university housing is right for you, it is important to know what your housing budget and making sure this cost will be sustainable throughout the course of the year. Rent calculators can help you work out what a healthy budget for your rent will be. It’s extremely important working out your budget, as the majority of student housing contracts nowadays are close to twelve months, therefore it’s a rather long financial commitment you will be making.

Researching all these types of housing is worthwhile if you are going to university, each person suits a different home life and it’s worthwhile taking the time now as it’ll make the transition from one home to another is a smooth one.