When packaging is better than the gift


Offering presents to your loved ones truly is a lovely activity. It is not just the one receives the gift that will be delighted, but you as well. You get to see first hand how happy the receiver is and that the present was adequately chosen and most importantly, beautifully decorated. It is important to mention that no matter what you decide to offer as a gift, you still have to wrap it. Packaging must not be ignored. At times, the actual wrapping could be even more appreciated than the actual present. So, here are a few tips on how to decorate a gift and make absolutely sure that you are making an impression.

When packaging is better than the gift

Great ribbons for great gifts


If you are thinking of how to draw attention, you need to orient yourself towards the right ribbon for gifts. There is a large market out there and you have virtually tones of choices. You can go for a ribbon made from soft fabrics like satin or organza. Both these fabrics give out a special and elegant effect. However, colour is important. If you want a joyful and happy wrapping, then you should go for a ribbon with a lovely pattern. Of course, a simple ribbon could have the same effect. Still, choosing the right bow depends on the following pattern.


The wrapping paper


Just as important as the ribbon is the wrapping paper. You need to select the right one adequately fitting the receiver, the purpose of the gift and the gift itself. Wrapping paper, just like bows come in a variety of colours. For instance, if you go for a paper that is rich in pattern, you should choose a simple ribbon. If you want a simple one, then you can convince the receiver with the bow that cam shine through its colours. The decision is yours.


Bag or box?


This is yet another decision you have to consider. You can place the gift in a gift bag and still apply a ribbon. On the other hand, you could choose a box. In this case, you could certainly use the wrapping paper as well as a bow. However, while it is simpler to put the gift in a bag, the greater effect will be given by the box. It simply gives the present a different aspect, one that seems to be more appreciated by receivers.


Make sure you choose the right packaging and you will be granted with an amazing reaction on behalf of your friend or loved one.